Flow Yoga

Yoga is an art and science that takes us back to the source of life itself. Kim is a NZQA-qualified yoga instructor who believes that yoga is for every body. She can create a yoga practice tailored to you that integrates her experience and knowledge as body worker. A combination of yoga and massage can melt away years of tension and discomfort and prevent future injury.

Some of the benefits of yoga are:

A one-on-one lesson will allow you the time and space to individualise the practice of yoga in a safe supportive environment. Kim will then create a tailored yoga practice for you that is yours to keep. This is a wonderful option if you are experiencing daily chronic pain from an injury or health condition, you a beginner interested in understanding the fundamentals of yoga before attending classes, or you are looking to develop a personalised home or travel practice.

Classes for 2 or more are held at a different venue and can be a great way to experience the benefits and improvements in a supportive group of like-minded people.