Testimonials and Case Studies, Flow Body Therapy, Mt Eden, Auckland

“Very knowledgeable and flexible. Kim puts her clients at ease and tailors the massage to suit their needs. Gorgeous massage studio, calm relaxing atmosphere. My legs feel great.” — Sarah

“Best massage I've ever had. Kim has a unique holistic style that gets right to the root of the problem – in my case acute shoulder pain – and treats it as effectively as possible. Can't recommend highly enough.” — Paul

“After having worked with other practitioners on a long standing and unusual pelvic/sacral pain, which did not neatly fit into the ACC framework, I found in Kim a body therapist who was the listening, attentive, caring, knowledgeable therapist I desperately needed. As a health practitioner who works under the medical model myself, I value a body worker who is able to convey her approach in a framework which is meaningful to me which in my case is the biomechanical domain. Kim’s ability to listen, together with her professional approach, empathy and skilled use of her hands led to an approach which made a huge difference. She selected from a range of treatment modalities, which in my case ranged from dry needling to massage, aromatherapy, pressure points and wellness advice, all provided with care, gentleness and utmost professionalism. Her sessions were healing for body, mind and soul and I was grateful for having found a therapist whose approach works for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who seeks help with aches which require attention.” — Ulrike

“I went to see Kim 3 days after I fell on my shoulder. I couldn't lift my arm above shoulder height and it was painful to move. After my appointment I felt a lot less pain and I could even play badminton the next day!” — Tam

“I initially visited Kim for a remedial massage on my lower back to relieve lower back stiffness and pain caused by playing indoor basketball. After four or five visits, during which Kim worked on my lower back and legs, I was significantly freer in my movement, prompting my wife to comment that I was walking like a younger man. I remain more flexible and pain free in this area. Then I injured a back muscle while playing golf and subsequently visited Kim. She suggested that I see a physiotherapist to ascertain and confirm the nature of the injury. The physiotherapist gave me a remedial exercise program to strengthen my back. She also encouraged me to seek remedial massage therapy and provided information for Kim to best treat the injury and I have had no further problems. I unreservedly commend her empathetic carefully considered care.” — Rob

“I have really enjoyed my massages from Kim McKay; not only is she passionate about her craft of massage, she listens, understands what my body needs, and sorts my body out pronto! She always goes that one step further with suggestions to help my physical health going forward which speaks volumes about her passion for massage body health and enabling those people she works on. I look forward to my massages with Kim – she has a client for life!” — Nicky

“I went to Kim when I was pregnant to help get through the last trimester. The calm atmosphere helped relax me and gave me some time out. She was able to keep me comfortable and feeling safe – the baby was very big and I needed some pain relief through my back and help to relieve the swelling in my legs. During the sessions the baby didn't even kick or move and so must have felt soothed too. I could always do up my shoes after her treatments and felt much better.” — Stephanie

“I found the treatment helped for my lower back pain after I pulled it laying floors. I couldn’t get out of my car or chair and couldn't kneel down to work. Kim's massage was good! She used acupuncture needles and gentle massage and it really helped my pain so I could work the next day.” — Zoltan

“Kim looked after me through my pregnancy. I had a lot of pelvic joint pain and tightness in my neck and back and she did a great job of easing out the pain. She was mindful of the issues around working on me while I was pregnant and I always felt very safe. Her massages were a great treat as well as providing much needed help with my aches and pains. I can highly recommend her.” — Renee

Case Studies
Kim McKay,
Dip RMT, MNZ, Certified in Dry Needling

Ongoing sciatic pain
Mauro had been experiencing lower back and sciatic-type pain for a year before he finally decided to try massage. He couldn't drive for more than an hour without having to stop the car to relieve the pain going down his buttock and leg. After checking that there was no nerve or disc pathology, Kim decided to work from the spine down the leg with trigger point therapy to release any nerve impingement or referral pain. After the first treatment on the quadratus lumborum, the erector spinae and the deep paraspinals (especially L4-S2), he was feeling much freer through the lower back area with less discomfort over his sacroiliac and buttock area. After the second treatment where we continued working on the lower back and moved onto the gluteal muscles and deep lateral hip rotators, he was almost completely pain free and driving the two hours a day to and from work was no problem. After a 2 week follow-up re-passing the trigger points we had worked on, Mauro was able to ski, drive, walk and sit without pain. After finding his abdominal workout was triggering him we worked out the best abdominal exercises to avoid straining his back.

Painful swollen lower legs and ankles
Denise had been experiencing swelling in her lower legs for years. Having had 2 varicose vein operations and a hip replacement, she thought there was nothing left she could do to relieve the liquid that wasn't being pumped back up her leg except lie down and put her feet up as often as possible. She came to Kim because her ankles and feet were sore and there was reduced movement. I suggested we try lymphatic drainage and after the first 1.5 hour session there was a significant reduction in the amount of liquid around her ankles and no pain. The liquid had been compressing her foot and causing reduced range of motion. After the second session a week later she was able to maintain her range of motion and keep the swelling down by regularly flexing up onto her toes while sitting at the computer to activate the circulation. Now she only comes occasionally for maintenance.

Occupational overuse syndrome in the arm
There are many types of overuse but pain in the forearm for office workers is a real difficulty. Sometimes this is diagnosed as carpal tunnel or thoracic outlet syndrome and surgery is proposed. Dayle had already had one carpal tunnel operation and decided to try Remedial Massage before having the other hand done. Kim successfully treated trigger points all around the neck, shoulders, chest and upper arm that were constricting the brachial plexus and creating symptoms such as numbness in the hand, pain in the forearm, pain to touch in the upper arm, aching shoulders, and pins and needles. The forearm and wrist had considerable tension, possibly impinging nerves, so letting off holding patterns along the line from the neck going down to the hand led to increased freedom of movement and pain relief. Slowing and lowering the breathing with at-home exercises allowed the secondary breathing muscles (e.g. scalene muscles in the neck) to relax and release tension. Practising postural awareness at work so as not to restrict diaphragmatic breathing at her desk improved her relaxation and the oxygen flow to her muscles.

Shoulder restriction due to fall on outstretched hand (FOOSH) or frozen shoulder symptoms
Many clients are surprised to learn that there are around 26 muscles that insert or originate on the scapula. Tension in one or many of these can create imbalances in muscle movement and tone that tire opposing or helping muscles for certain movements. This can happen over time or due to trauma. Slowly releasing the muscles that attach to the scapula with dry needling or neuromuscular techniques can effectively increase range of motion and decrease pain. Tam hurt his shoulder when he fell at work and couldn't lift it above 90 degrees. After needling and gentle trigger point release around the rotator cuff muscles and muscles between the scapula and neck (upper trapezius and levator scapulae), he still felt a bit stiff and achy but had full range of motion back and healed quickly.

Pain when sitting
Kim has had great success with dry needling the deep paraspinals, the deep lateral hip rotators, and the gluteal muscles to relieve referred pain and nerve entrapment from these muscles. Ulrike couldn't sit properly for longer than half an hour but after 2 x 1 hour weekly sessions she managed to cycle, sit and tango without her habitual pain. She even flew to Europe with only a slight twinge after 24 hours!

Acute neck and headache pain with stiffness
Paul came to Flow because his neck had “seized up” and he couldn't turn his head or bend it to the side. He a had headache right over his eyes and couldn't work at the computer. Kim used a combination of needles to relieve the acute pain and spasm in the upper shoulders and gentle neuromuscular neck work. Over a 1.5 hour session in acute circumstances with very gentle work it is possible to slowly release the spasming and allow the muscles to relax. Paul's headache eased (referred pain from the muscles) and he rested during the afternoon. Using heat packs on his shoulders he was already able to work a little in the evening. His movement returned and with gentle stretches to improve his range of movement, heat packs, and some increased body awareness, the pain passed over the next couple of days.