Services and Prices

At Flow Body Therapy our caring therapists will listen carefully so that each session is tailored to meet your needs on the day. Most services cost the same amount all you have to do is decide how long you'd like your session to be.


30 mins: $55
45 mins: $75
60 mins: $95 (First session 75mins same price)
75 mins: $115
90 mins: $135
120 mins $175
$5 surcharge for Acupuncture needles or Bespoke Aromatherapy
$10 surcharge Hot Stone Massage

Please allow 15 minutes for processing and dressing. There is a $5 surcharge for acu-needling or bespoke aromatherapy oil blend

Individual Yoga Tutorial $70

Gift Vouchers
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Cancellation Policy
Someone may need your appointment and our therapists block their time to honor your booking so please give 24 hours notice of a cancellation or reschedule or you may be asked to cover the price of the session. If you can't make your appointment feel free to give it to a friend! Lateness to an appointment will cut into your treatment time. Thank you for your understanding.

Therapeutic Massage

Remedial Massage Therapy
Remedial Massage is used to address specific soft tissue (muscle, tendons and ligaments) injuries and dysfunctions in the body and can be a very effective way of influencing the structure and functioning of the body. It is the basic umbrella under which many of the different modalities listed below are integrated for the most effective outcome and here at Flow Body Therapy we love to make sure that each massage uses elements and techniques best suited to achieve results. A thorough client history and assessment is done to determine what is going on and what needs to be addressed and this leads to the development of an individualised treatment plan. Some modalities incorporated may include: Neuromuscular Therapy, Acu-Needling, Deep Tissue and Sports, Relaxation, Acupressure, Holistic Pulsing, Cupping, Acupressure, and Aromatherapy.

Neuromuscular Therapy (Trigger Point Therapy)
Directed to relieve musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, Neuromuscular Therapy searches for the underlying causes of long-standing pain. The aim is to eliminate trigger points, which cause referred pain into other areas of the body, and it is beneficial wherever chronic, aching pain is felt. Referred trigger point pain can be the cause of headaches, shoulder girdle dysfunction, sciatic-type pain down the leg, lower back pain, ongoing muscle tension, decreased range of movement, period pain, jaw pain and OOS or RSI symptoms such as thoracic outlet syndrome and carpal tunnel, to name but a few.

Sports Massage
Regular Sports Massage is increasingly popular for both amateur and professional athletes, recreational sports people and even non-sporting people due to its ability to improve the condition of the muscles which aids recovery, rehabilitation and prevents injury. Many injuries occur because the muscle has been suffering from tension over a period of time. With the increased strain placed on the muscles during sports activity, the tissues may finally fail or not recover. If you already have an injury, massage can be important in aiding the normal healing of muscle strain as the body tends to contract in reaction to injury to protect itself, and the area becomes restricted and ischemic (lacking in oxygen) which makes healing more difficult. Sports Massage after an injury can relax the muscle tension and improve the flow of all-important fresh blood and nutrients to aid in tissue healing. For the same reason, Sports Massage dramatically improves recovery time and can prolong a sporting career.

Spa & Relaxation Massage

Pregnancy (Pre-natal) and Post-natal Massage
At Flow Body Therapy we love to help you take time to deeply relax and nurture yourself and your baby. Our trained therapists understand the changes occurring in the mother’s body during pregnancy and adapts the massage to suit.

Pre-natal Massage can ease tension, reduce stress, prevent back pain, and benefit all your body systems to help keep you in optimum health. Aching, swollen legs can find relief with gentle strokes to encourage lymphatic circulation and aching muscles and joints can ease as you become aware of where you are holding tension and consciously release it. You may experience greater energy and less fatigue as a result. Special body support is used for your comfort throughout. Our massage helps sedate the nervous system and release endorphins, which are natural pain killers, and so lead to a state of deep relaxation. With our Yoga background, expectant mothers can also learn to consciously release tension and focus on breathing techniques and muscle relaxation.

Post-natal Massage session can help your body to recover, improve circulation, calm the nervous system and reduce muscle tension. Massage can be especially helpful to a new mother and has a beneficial effect on our ability to deal with stress, balance the feel good chemicals in the brain, and improve the quality of sleep. We encourage you to have your stomach included in the massage to improve the return of normal elasticity and function to the muscles and tissues of the abdomen.

Relaxation Massage
A Relaxation Massage combines oils with slow, smooth, gliding strokes (generally Swedish massage techniques) with the aims of encouraging relaxation and reducing tension in the body and mind. Relaxation Massage has been well documented to reduce the stress hormone cortisol in the body, creating beneficial chemical changes that can result in pain relief, increased immunity and resistance to disease, decreased anxiety, enhanced sleep, improved concentration, improved circulation, and reduced fatigue. Studies show that Relaxation Massage slows breathing rate and hypertensive patients have shown significant improvement with gentle regular massage compared to a control group who did not receive massage.


$5 surcharge for bespoke aromatherapy oil blend.
With Aromatherapy profound relaxation can be encouraged, shifting the body, mind and emotions from fight or flight mode (when the body, mind and emotions are directed to deal with potential emergencies or threats), to rest and digest mode (in which restorative, balanced healing and functioning happens).

With over 90% of modern illnesses caused by stress, clinical and holistic aromatherapy can be hugely beneficial at times of stress or life transitions, as well as a proactive preventative measure to stay on top of life issues as they arise. Many of the plants used have a traditional profile of emotional, psychological, or even spiritual qualities which today are beginning to be understood in relation to detailed analysis of their chemical compositions. Incorporating an understanding of these characteristics into a treatment plan can further address the underlying issues behind the stress, and wear and tear, on the body, making it a truly holistic healing art.

Using therapeutic grade essential oil extracts with clinically measurable profiles, treatments such as inhalation, skin absorption or internal preparations send molecular cues to the brain to adjust and regulate body functions back to balance and normal functioning. While topically effective (e.g. against infections or local tissue inflammation), they are particularly effective for conditions related to the immune system, organ systems, and hormones.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage uses smooth basalt stones either as an extension of the therapists own hands, or by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body. These are heated to the perfect temperature to soften the muscles and induce complete relaxation of body and mind. It is thought to originate in North America where hot stones were warmed by fire and used by Native Americans to treat aching muscles. The heat is deeply relaxing and we use the stones therapeutically to help warm up tight muscles so the we can soften and release the body more deeply and more quickly.

Ayurvedic Massage (Abhyanga)
Ayurvedic Massage $100 for 75 mins including time for shower or relaxation time.
Abhyanga Massage is a choreographed sequence of strokes for the full body using sesame, coconut or almond oil from head (including hair) to toes. In Ayurveda, it is commonly understood that the faculty of thinking actually resides in the heart and that the rhythmic flow of soft, contoured strokes allows the mind to move into a feeling rather than thinking state. The oil has special heating and detoxifying properties to revitalise muscles and circulation and promote immune function. Performed in silence (although the client is invited to speak if they are in any way uncomfortable), the therapist and client start to communicate on a heart to heart level, operating only through touch. The pressure is balanced and even, using the palm, and it is thought that Abhyanga Massage opens the channels of the subtle junctions between consciousness and matter. We allow 15 mins extra for you to make use of the shower at the rooms or relax in the heated room and enjoy the after-effects of the treatment.

More about some of our other modalities and techniques.......

Myofascial Release
The fascia are located between the skin and the underlying structure of muscle and bone and are seamless webs or networks of connective tissue that cover and connect our muscles, organs, and skeletal structure. Myofascial Release is manual technique for stretching the myofascial connective tissue – the fascia surrounding and associated with muscle tissue – with the aim of balancing the body. Injuries, stress, trauma, and poor posture can cause restriction to the fascia, and the goal of Myofascial Release is to unlock fascial restriction and restore balance and freedom of movement. Sustained pressure on the myofascial connective tissue can eliminate pain and restore motion. This essential “time element” has to do with the viscous flow and the piezoelectric phenomenon: a low load (gentle pressure) applied slowly will allow a viscoelastic medium (fascia) to elongate.

Holistic Pulsing
Holistic Pulsing is a very gentle modality where a person is harmonically and rhythmically pulsed by the therapist and aims to expand inner awareness, develop self-acceptance, and to re-integrate the whole person. Rocking side to side rhythmically, or pulsing, can have a soothing, calming, reflexive and chemical effect, restore movement, and release old holding patterns The focus is on healing through ease of movement, wholeness, and enjoyment. It can be used with any other therapy, or by itself. Holistic Pulsing can be safely used with most people irrespective of age or state of health. As the body begins to relax, expand, and let go, emotions can surface and be expressed. This can result in dramatic and positive effects on our physical symptoms and life patterns, as we release unhelpful ways of being. Healing and integration can flow to those areas where we were blocked, rigid, or in pain – reminding us of the possibility of healing through ease and pleasure.

Lymphatic Drainage
The lymphatic system is key to the healthy functioning of immune system. Although most massage will stimulate the flow of lymph, carefully applied light massage strokes are used during a Lymphatic Drainage session to increase the flow of lymph through the body. This results in detoxification and reduces swelling and fluid retention. It is very light, pulsing or pumping massage which has a lulling, relaxing effect on the autonomic nervous system. Lymphatic Drainage is effective in the treatment of fibromyalgia, sinusitis, burns, acne, scars, arthritis, emphysema and migraines, and is commonly used for oedema, sprains and bruises. The immune response cells (white blood cells) travel through the lymphatic vessels and in the lymph which is filtered and cleaned in the lymph nodes. Regular lymphatic drainage can ensure can improve lymph circulation and therefore immune efficiency.

Western Therapeutic Myofascial Cupping
Cupping can release myofascial sticking, aid in lymphatic drainage for fluid retention and immune support. It can also be used to stimulate acupoints to achieve therapeutic results where trigger points in some muscle fibers are adhering the connective tissues and restricting movement or giving pain.

ACUPUNCTURE NEEDLING for Neuromuscular Pain Management
$5 surcharge for using needles.
Intra-Muscular Therapy, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Acu-Needling or simply Dry Needling is a Western modality that uses very thin acupuncture needles to treat musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction – particularly trigger points. It is a very successful therapeutic technique and can be an invaluable tool. The needle goes into the muscle, typically at the trigger point, or any area where the muscle may be tight or tender. The intention is to cause the muscle to contract and then release, improving the flexibility of the muscle and therefore decreasing the symptoms. Dry Needling also changes the way your body senses pain (neurological effects) and there are additional electrical and chemical changes associated with this therapy that assist in the healing process. Stimulation of some distal points can increase therapeutic benefit as research has shown that particular connective tissue planes map on to Chinese Traditional Medicine meridians and transmit information along these lines to create change throughout the body. The therapist has been specifically trained in Dry Needling techniques. She will choose a length and thickness of needle appropriate for your condition and your body size and then insert it through the skin at the appropriate place. You will feel a small pinprick, and depending on the type of needle technique chosen you may also feel a muscle ache and a muscle twitch. These are all appropriate sensations, and indicate that you may experience good relief from your symptoms.

Recent research has shown clear correlations between the connective tissue planes or fascial network throughout the body and the CTM meridians, between the acupoints and many intra-muscular trigger points, offering scientific evidence to support the use of acupoints and meridians to promote wellbeing. Acupoints often map onto trigger points and are located in the invisible system of energy channels known as meridians in Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM) and relate to certain organs, glands, muscles, tendons and ligaments where any constriction in the flow of energy can cause disease and discomfort. Acu-needling therefore has the added benefit in helping to release or remove these blockages.

One-on-one Yoga Lessons:
Initial Consultation and session with plan for home practice $80
Follow up and Individual Yoga Teaching 60 mins $60

Following the classical Eight Limbs of Integrated Yoga we look at the whole person and create plans that include postures, sequences and breath to build strength and flexibility, aid postural alignment, stress management, breathing, and mindful awareness.
Learn more about Yoga here