Fascial Kinetics – A Bowen Therapy

Fascial Kinetics, an effective yet gentle remedial therapy that can have profound and long-lasting effects, is a school of Bowen therapy. Fascial Kinetics involves motion (kinetics) on the superficial and deep connective tissue – or fascia – and the nervous system, hence the name.

Our optimal functioning depends on the elasticity and fluidity of the fascia as this is the medium through which communication and flow occur between cells and tissues. Bowen therapies consist of a series of cross-fibre moves at significant points around joints, in muscles and fascia, with pauses to allow the body's own healing mechanisms time to integrate and respond to what is being done. The location of the moves often coincides with key acupuncture points found along meridians that flow with the superficial and deep connective tissue or fascia. These gentle (or sometimes intense) moves affect the crystalline structure of the fascia and transmit instant messages. Just like a spider web, when one strand vibrates it ripples throughout.

The effect is to balance the structural aspects of our body and stimulate function of the whole body while addressing target areas or pain syndromes. Fascial Kinetics supports a state of deep overall relaxation and healing to promote immune and restorative processes that develop our natural potential for wellbeing. Common responses to treatment often include improved energy, better body mechanics and reduced pain, a sense of connectedness and wellbeing, and a clearer head space.

Typically a session takes around 45 minutes and the frequency of sessions will depend on each condition. For acute symptoms, change usually happens within 3 sessions spaced 1 week apart. More long-term or chronic conditions may take regular treatments over a longer period but with wider spaces between sessions. Fascial Kinetics is a wonderful way to maintain your wellbeing by having regular (monthly or 6-weekly sessions) and can help you avoid injury and illness from sports and your lifestyle.

It has been shown to be extremely effective in the treatment of many conditions including general pain, tension and imbalance.